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Barn Buddies Application

The Homeward Animal Shelter strives to place the animals entrusted to our care in permanent, loving homes. The purpose of this application is to aid us in that process and to get acquainted with prospective adopters. We want to help you in your choice of a cat that will be well suited to your family, home, and lifestyle. Your decision is important since this is a lifetime commitment.

Your Contact Information
Are you at least 18 years of age?

How many cats would you be willing to accept from the Barn Buddies program?

Do you currently have outdoor/barn cats?

If you currently have outdoor cats, approximately how many do you have?

What type of building is used/will be used for shelter for the Barn Buddies cat(s)?
Mark all that apply:
Please describe "Other" in section below, if applicable.
Is the building heated in the winter?
Are you willing to provide food and water for the cats daily?
If one of your Barn Buddies cats becomes injured/ill, are you willing to make an attempt to trap the cat and take it to your veterinarian?

What other types of animals (pets and livestock) currently reside on your property?

Have any of the other animals that reside on your property harmed or killed your outdoor cats previously?
Are you able to provide a secure place for the Barn Buddies cat(s) to be kept for a minimum of 2 weeks while they acclimate to their new surroundings?

Upon receiving a call from Homeward Animal Shelter about an available Barn Buddies cat(s), how much time would you need to prepare?

Homeward Animal Shelter deems that all necessary vaccinations, testing, and sterilization will have been performed to all Barn Buddies cats prior to release, however, we cannot guarantee the health and/or temperament of the cats due to the inability to fully examine them.

By typing my name below, I certify that the information I have given is true and that I recognize that any misrepresentation of the facts may result in my losing privilege of receiving a Barn Buddies cat. Homeward Animal Shelter may deny the placement of a Barn Buddies cat, for any reason, if they feel it is not in the best interest of the animal.

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