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Dog Training

Training your dog to understand what is expected of him or her is an important aspect of pet ownership. Thousands of dogs are surrendered to shelters across the country daily, and many being surrendered for behavioral issues that could have been managed or resolved, if given the chance. At Homeward Animal Shelter, not only do we work with the dogs prior to placement in adoptive homes, but we also offer training services to both our adopters and the general public, to help keep dogs in the loving homes they already have. Check out how we can help you and your dog(s) below:

Behavioral Evaluations

Our dog trainer will evaluate your dog in your home, or at an agreed upon location, to determine what type of training is needed. Our dog trainer will be upfront and honest about whether or not she can assist you and your dog through in-home training sessions, to ensure you are making the progress that you are looking for. She will come up with a plan to ensure that her training methods will work for both you and your dog. In the event that our dog trainer does not feel that in-home training will be the best option, she will discuss options with you and she will let you know if your dog will require a different type of training such as a board and train, and will give you a referral.

Evaluations take around 30 minutes and the cost is $30 per dog.

All of our appointments are made through the Gingr portal. If you are experiencing technical issues, please reach out to

In-Home Training Sessions

**An evaluation is required prior to signing up for private lessons, to ensure our trainer is the right fit to address your dog's needs.**

Our dog trainer will come to your home for a set number of training sessions to work with both you and your dog. Each client will have a custom plan designed to help them reach their training goals. In-home training is useful for dogs that have behavioral problems beyond basic obedience issues, such as door darting, reactivity towards strangers, resource guarding, interactions with other animals in the home, how to appropriately greet guests, socialization for nervous dogs, etc.

Each session is an hour long, and we required the purchase of 4 sessions minimum, at the cost of $60 per session.

To schedule training sessions, please email Emma at


If you're looking for group classics to work on basic obedience, we offer those too! Classes will be offered on a rotating basis, and will be held at South Bark, located at 4035 40th Ave S in Fargo.

Basis Obedience

Next Class: Please check back at a later date.

Class Size is Limited to 8 dogs

In this class, you will learn the basics, including teaching your dog to sit, down, remain in place in a fixed location, and walking loosely on leash. Dogs should be over 6 months of age, and will be required to be up-to-date on all vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella).

Cost: $200 per dog, each dog must be accompanied by one adult handler

To sign up for classes, please email Emma at

Puppy Classes

Next Class: Please check back at a later date.

Class Size is Limited to 8 Puppies

In this class, puppies will not only receive socialization from other puppies and people, but they will also learn valuable skills that allow them to succeed as they grow in your home. They will also be subject to various stimuli to help desensitize them and allow them to become the well-adjusted dogs they are meant to be. Dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age and must be up-to-date on all age-appropriate vaccinations. This class is only available to puppies ages 8 weeks to 6 months.

Cost: $175 per puppy, each puppy must be accompanied by one adult handler

To sign up for classes, please email Emma at

These classes are currently in session and no additional sign ups are being accepted. Please keep an eye out to sign up for upcoming classes in 2023!

Unsure what type of training is best for you and your dog? Reach out to Emma by emailing her at and she will guide you to the type of training that she feels will be most beneficial.

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