How long would I need to commit to volunteering?

We ask for a 2 hour per week commitment for at least 3 months.

My schedule varies from week to week, can I still volunteer?

It is best for the animals and staff to have volunteers consistently come at the same time each week.

Are kids allowed to volunteer?

Kids ages 8-16 can volunteer and are called Junior Volunteers.  A parent/guardian must accompany the Junior Volunteer while at the Homeward Animal Shelter.  Junior Volunteers can only work as kitten socializers.

An Adult Application from the parent/guardian should accompany the Junior Volunteer Application.  The parent/guardian will also be required to attend training with the Junior Volunteer.

My kids love dogs, can they be a dog walker?

No, because of liability issues, dog walkers must be at least 17 years old.

Can a large group of kids or adults volunteer for a day?

We rarely can accommodate large groups of volunteers due to staffing, a small building, and paperwork/training required.  If you wish to check anyway, you may contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 

What happens if I have to miss one of my shifts?

If possible, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator at 701-364-2618 or via email at

If you must cancel on short notice, please call the staff at 701-239-0077, option #1.

Volunteers who cannot be consistent and frequently miss their shifts may be removed from the volunteer schedule.

What happens if the weather is too cold outside to walk the dogs?

The dogs still need attention no matter the weather.  In extreme conditions, volunteers can pet the dog inside.  Upon arrival, Volunteers should check with the staff if they have weather concerns.

What happens if I forget to call in & miss my shift?

We hope that you do your best to avoid this from happening.  If someone misses 3 weeks in a row, they are removed from the volunteer schedule.

What does a cat socializer do?

Cat socializing involves playing with the cats, giving them love & attention, brushing, and providing them with positive people interaction.

What does a dog walker do?

The Dog Walkers provide the dogs with outdoor walks, love & attention, positive people interaction, and helping teach basic commands like sit.  Dogs need their exercise & attention no matter the weather – cold, hot, windy, rainy, and snowy.  Dog walkers need the patience and willingness to deal with all sized dogs and those that have never walked on a leash before.

What does an Adoption Assistant do?

An Adoption Assistant’s role involves greeting customers, showing customers adoptable animals, answering questions, phone work, filing, computer entry, laundry, & other tasks as directed by staff.

I’m ready to work hard and make a commitment to volunteer, how do I apply?

Please fill out an application:

The Adult Volunteer Application should be completed by everyone 17 years old or older.

The Junior Volunteer Application should be completed by those aged 8 to 16 years old.  The parent/guardian must complete an adult application and submit it along with the Junior Volunteer application. (**Please note that Junior Volunteer opportunities are very limited. If we do not have an opening at the time you apply, we will keep your application on file and contact you when a spot becomes available).

Applications can be returned via mail, email, fax, or in person.

1201 – 28th Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102

701-364-2618 (Volunteer Coordinator's Voicemail)

701-239-2580 (fax) 


Once I return my completed application, what happens?

Your application is reviewed & then you will be contacted for an interview and scheduling discussion. You should expect to receive a follow-up 1-2 weeks after your application is received.  For questions regarding your application, email Briana at

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