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***No 2022 Microchip Clinics are Scheduled at this Time, but Please Check Back in June***

For your convenience, we have registration forms available to be filled out prior to the microchip clinic. These forms should be completed and brought with you to the clinic. You will need to turn them into the registration table in order for your pets to be registered. These forms will also be available at the registration table on the day of the microchip clinic.

Please fill out one set of paperwork PER animal (for each animal, you should have both a Homeward Animal Shelter Microchip Waiver form and a PetLink Microchip Registration form). 

  • Please complete the highlighted sections of each form. You will need to fill out both the Homeward Microchip Waiver form and the PetLink Registration form for EACH pet that will be microchipped.

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