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At Homeward Animal Shelter, cats and dogs (and the occasional small critter) are given every opportunity to find new homes. Whether they are housed at the shelter or in foster homes, or transferred to other rescues, all of our animals are given the second chances they deserve. Some may need more time than others to find homes as they recover from physical illnesses or become socialized with humans, and we are happy to give them all the help they need as they are prepared for adoptive homes. Pets accepted by HAS are never euthanized due to a lack of space, however, each year we do have a few cats, dogs, and/or critters who develop terminal illnesses or whose aggressive/unpredictable behavior does not make them suitable candidates for adoption. In those rare case, animals are euthanized to end their suffering or for the safety of the public.

2023 Live Release Rate: 97.4%

*Live Release is a term used to describe the placement of an animal in which the animal leaves the shelter’s care alive and well, either through adoption, transfer to another rescue, or returning to their owner’s care. Our live release is determined by taking the total intake, minus euthanasia/death at shelter, and dividing it by the total intake.

**The remaining 2.6% of animals (38 animals) in our care were either euthanized or died. The outcome of those animals are as follows: 8 adult dogs due to aggression issues that could not be safely managed and 3 dogs with terminal/untreatable health conditions were euthanized; 21 cats/kittens were euthanized due to terminal/untreatable illnesses; 1 cat was euthanized due to unpredictable aggression (and also had Feline Leukemia, which is contagious, making him ineligible to be a Barn Buddy); and 4 cats/kittens died in our care/in foster care unexpectedly during treatment for illness or of natural causes. One rabbit also passed under anesthesia while being neutered.

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