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How long would I need to commit to volunteering?

We ask for a 2 hour per week commitment for a minimum of 6 months. 

What happens if I don't have a consistent weekly schedule?

At this time we are unable to accommodate substitute volunteers or volunteers with varied schedules. We currently are fortunate to have a large number of substitute volunteers; however, if that changes we will reopen our substitute volunteer program.

Are kids allowed to volunteer?

We do not have a junior volunteer program. Previously we did have a program allowing kids aged 8-16 to volunteer in our kitten room; however, due to an amazing number of fosters, kittens and young cats head straight into foster. Our regular volunteer program is for people age 17 and over so please feel free to apply when you reach that age!

Can a large group of kids or adults volunteer for a day?

Because of the size of our building it is difficult to accommodate a large group of volunteers. Occasionally we do have opportunities for groups of adults so we still encourage you to reach out to us in the event that we are able to accommodate you. To see if there's an opportunity for your group, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 

What happens if I have to miss one of my shifts?

If you need to miss a shift you are asked to drop it on our online volunteer portal. 

Volunteers who cannot maintain a consistent schedule may be removed from the volunteer schedule. If volunteers miss more than three shifts in a row without explanation they may be removed from the schedule.

What happens if the weather is too cold outside to walk the dogs?

The dogs still need attention, no matter the weather.  In extreme conditions, volunteers are asked to hang out with the dogs inside their kennels after brief bathroom breaks.  Upon arrival, volunteers should check with the staff if they have weather concerns.

What does a cat socializer do?

Cat socializing involves one on one time with cats, providing patience, compassion, and play time. Our cats need gentle love to help teach them that people can be nice.

What does a dog handler do?

Dog handlers provide the dogs with outdoor walks, enrichment, training, and snuggles.  Dog handlers play an integral role in getting our dogs ready to be adopted. Our dogs need exercise and attention no matter the weather – cold, hot, windy, rainy, and snowy.  Dog walkers need the patience and willingness to deal with all sized dogs and those that have never walked on a leash before. People interested in being a dog handler need to be comfortable with dogs of all breeds, as well as dogs 50-100 pounds. We almost never have small breeds or puppies in the building as they generally go straight to loving foster homes.

How can I help if I'm not comfortable with direct animal handling?

If you want to help but aren't sure about working directly with our animals we are looking for Shelter Assistants. These people play a very important role in helping us keep the shelter running during the day. Tasks include dishes, laundry, general or deep cleaning, organization, and being an extra set of hands. 

We also have a special skills application if you are interested in photography, driving our animals to and from vet visits, handyman work, or any other skills you think would be useful to our organization.

Once I complete my application, what happens?

Once your application is received, our volunteer coordinator will review your application and reach out with any additional questions. If your application is approved they will reach out and find time for your training. Please reach out to Lauren at with any questions

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